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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thinking Outside THE BOX - Day 84

Time is quickly approaching for our return.  As I look around I am dreading packing everything back in our car plus what we bought here.  As you remember in day 1 the car was already totally full. Brilliant thought.  Send a box home with the summer clothes!

Buy box, tape and sharpie
Call U.S. Post - Fed Ex -  Purolator  to get quote on approximate cost
Cost is surprisingly high -  plus custom brokerage and taxes
Debate - are willing to pay that much  
Decide -  we will bite the bullet
Pack up box - seal - address
Load 40lbs box in car 

Soon I will be rid of this extra load and have space in the car = less stress

Now off to fill our customs forms and ship that puppy.

Oh so wrong on that.      It appears that for customs, you need to give an exact amount of everything in the box and their individual value…..??????WT@3%???///.….even if it is all used clothing all originating from Canada.

Are you kidding me?  I must have between 50 to 75 pieces, at least.

Result: Pick up box - take it back home.  .
Now the real stress begins.

P.S.  The only bright side to the story, is that Brett found a good authentic restaurant next door ;)

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