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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ON The Road - Day 102

A festive night indeed was had by all and a pregnant morning sky followed.  Last night we ventured out for dinner in Portland.  We found a lovely outdoor mall fully decorated with Christmas lights and cheer. 

Following all the fun, we woke up to very heavy clouds just waiting to unload tons of snow. We started out our trek in the hopes of outrunning the snow fall.

The longest day -  we left at 9am in snow flurries and drove, and drove and drove some more.  We had been watching the weather religiously for the last week plotting our route back home. The overarching concern was the snow and potential of getting stuck for two days in the mountains.   So we buckled down and drove through the flurries and eventually passed the snow belt. There is no rest for the wicked. We needed to keep ahead and decided to make a detour east to Montana so that we didn't get snowed in during the night. 

At midnight, we finally arrived safely in Great Falls, MT  - now to rest.

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