Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Big Day - Part Two

7PM UPDATE:  A birthday supper is really a great time to celebrate and go OUT to some trendy new spot or a favourite high end restaurant.  

Some others really enjoy being OUT there with their thinking….
Brett's Delight: Delicious OUTdoor eating in his shorts.
Location:  Food Trucks
First Item:  Ground Lamb Burger, with bacon aioli, red onion and baby arugula.

Side:  Hand cut fries with sea salt plus a spicy dipping sauce

Dessert:  Fresh Beignets with caramel glaze.  (Sorry guys no pics - these seem to have disappeared before my camera was out...)
Accompaniment:  Peet's Decaf Americano

And I have one happy guy :)

What a handsome devil!!!

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