Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Big Day! - Day 97

A very special day indeed.

Here is the deal…..Brett has a great love affair with patch pocket bottoms.  Be it pants or shorts he would wear them every day.  "Boys will be boys", he always tells me when I complain. Granted it may be a "good look" for casual wear, however, diversity would be most welcomed.  As well, so attached is he to these patch pocket garments, that he even has back-ups hidden in case laundry is not done at lightning speed.

So today,  let us celebrate the milestone of one-hundred glorious continuous days of joyfully parading around in his favourite piece of clothing and in the achievement of a dream.  
Yay for the patch pocket shorts!  

And, wouldn't you say, a perfect time to celebrate a birthday :)
Happy Birthday My Love!!!!!

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