Monday, December 10, 2012

The Twinge - Day 95

Home, family and friends are just days away.  With growing excitement we are imagining our return to Calgary with great anticipation.  Unexpectedly, however, this morning driving around I got a twinge in my stomach.  No, it was not nerves or the results of eating a bad grape, it was the realization that I was going to miss Berkeley.  Probably the fact  that I was shopping for a scarf in 20 plus sunshine and peeling off layers  (yes, even me) did not help at all.  Until this moment, the deeply buried vision of the snow, icy roads and the deep cold which had become a vague distant memory, was now staring me in the face. 

Is climate really that important?  Yes, it is.  
However, I love being Canadian so much more.  For now, Berkeley, we will have to remain friends and come visit often.
It is time to return to many fantastic projects and experiences in what promises to be a fabulous year.

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