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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pit Stop - Day 103

It was well worth it!  The sun is shining and not a snowflake to be seen!
On our way to YYC :)

On the horizon though.....
Isn't anything sacred anymore???  in Montana.

During one of our routine quick trips at the rest areas on the road, I was coming out to join Brett who was waiting by the car for me and crossed two ladies at the door. From where I was I quickly observed that they were way too cheery on this early morning, especially considering the  location they were entering (really,  I would have understood their mood if they were the first ones at  a half off plus an extra 25% discount at the till kinda sale).  They walked in unison, both looking at me bursting to tell me "good morning" as we crossed paths near the exit. My antennas are up, I politely say a rushed hello back and look away.  In my field of vision my eyes fall on one woman's hands where she is proudly holding a cherished hard cover book.  Ohhhh I thought.  Now I get it.  

Quick - Start the CAR!

At the car, Brett looks at me laughing and with a crooked smile all at once and says, " They tried to accost you as well?"

I have to say, many questions arise:  

  • Why so excited to go to a rest area?
  • Who takes their precious books to public restrooms?
  • Are they that desperate to recruit?
  • Is it safe to pee in Montana?

As for me, I thank God there wasn't a line up.

Further along in our journey, we frequent yet another rest area.  Yes, we drink lots of water.  The excitement is thick in the car as we can now see the Canadian border.

Out I go.  Quickly the Fresh Air reaches me! (and I don't mean as in clean fresh)  You know the one — the one that embraces you fully, climbing down the neck of your sweater, while running up sleeves and reaching the depths of your bones.  Wow, this is most definitely Canadian Air, I thought.  Obviously roams freely from one country to the next needing no passport or declaring of its intent.  Welcome back!  Even though my toes may have been frozen and the tip of my nose red, my heart was warm with joy to be returning home.

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