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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alcatraz - Day 23

The Trek to  Alcatraz / San Fran.

Part one:        Getting down the hill  ( after going down and up the night before….)

First of all,  let me tell you that if anyone thought I was whining about going up and down the hill, I now have numerous witnesses who will testify that it is not an expedition for the weak at heart. Deeply buried muscles have fired up and emerged that, previously, had quietly existed under the radar. Sounds and noises escaped from our group.  Remember,  we are only at this time "going down the hill. "

From there we made our way to downtown where we hop on the Bart to San Fran.

Part two:  San Fran journey from the Bart to Pier 39 ( OMG )

It's Friday morning, we know the traffic will be heavy so we depend on our phone's map app to lead us there. It should be a 20 min walk. Checked the weather in the morning and although we know it will be "fresh " in the morning, Stephanie has high hopes and packs the 30 SPF sunblock.  What was to be a pleasant walk along the piers turned out to be the most frigid, windy (in your face ) journey.  The numerous muscles are now long forgotten as everyone holds on to their clothes for fear they will rip and fly away, while at the same time clenching  their teeth against the wind in an effort to stay warm.  

Part Three:  The Rock

Gloomy, foggy and cold.  You can feel it in your bones and see it in the air.
Today's weather is reflecting the atmosphere on the island.  It is fascinating to visit.

My favourite part - the beautiful old distressed brick walls.

Also, learned the the only successful escape from alcatraz was achieved by John K. Giles.  
OK  not sure how I feel about this….  not surprised  a Giles was brilliant enough to escape from Alcatraz  but not impressed  he was in there in the first place…..

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