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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Italian Night - Day 34

Last night after the move we went out for pasta. As you know it has been on my mind lately  (carbs)  and so the move was the perfect excuse :)   We selected an Italian restaurant that had great reviews and good prices.    The funny thing is we ended up walking all the way back to where we used to live.Felt like an hour walk. When we got there there was a line up outside the restaurant with as many people waiting inside for their orders.

We waited in line with the other clients (that had an average age of 19.2 years old)  and waited patiently.  Couldn't help notice we were the only parents / grandparents  (aka old ) in the restaurant. That did not deter us. We were not going to give up.  This many people could not be wrong…. finally our number is called. Good food.  We will be coming back. 

Now the walk back home. It works though, working off the calories ingested…..

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