Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Hardest thing to Find in Berkeley: Guess? - Day 35

As you know I am not one for over the counter drugs much.  However, once in a while some help may be needed. That is where Tylenol  can come in handy.

One month we have been here and believe it or not we have not been able to find Tylenol anywhere.  Walgreens ( many locations ), CVS , Target, Walmart.  All of them in Berkeley, all of them boycotting Tylenol.   We did find many bottom shelves with a slot for Tylenol but not one box to be found.  

Update:   My luck -  brand new  Safeway Opening -  they may have what I am looking for.  Yes, I did buy one box of the two remaining on the shelf.  The only reason I got it,  the store has only been open a few days, and it was a listed item.  

Now the question is,  who will be the other lucky person to get the last box and most importantly,  will the buyers actually restock it????

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