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Friday, October 19, 2012

What would you do? - Day 44

Being from Calgary we hardly have to worry about Earthquakes.
However, when in California it's a different thing.

So last night while watching a TV show, we noticed there is even a commercial showing what to do in case of an earthquake.   

The good thing is --  we are living in a house that is close to 100  years old.  That is goooood news.  This means that since it has survived this long, we are most probably in good hands.  And its on "terra firma".
With this information making me feel really good.  I can now share with you my thoughts on the condo in accordance to this topic.  Standing by myself in the middle of  my living room on day 2 at the condo, I realized that if ever there were an earthquake, while I was in the house I was probably very hooped. 

My best bet, I felt, would be to get out  of the house, run up the stairs, cross the road and put my back to the wall, which is the hill itself.  

Hiding under the table in a house suspended on the side of the hill was just not doing it for me.  Here is the wall, with my very proud lone tall cactus.

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