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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Did My Husband Pay You To Say That? - Day 56

Today is a rainy day.  Not my favourite. Nonetheless I must go and get some groceries, wash my hair and prepare supper early so we are ready for Halloween.

Here's the thing……since it is raining and humid I know that even if I straighten my hair today, I will step outside and I will not only feel it but also hear it curl as soon as I hit the sidewalk.

What to do?  So, I decide I will wash it, dry it but NOT straighten it.  I can do that once I get back. 

For all of you out there who know me well, you know I NEVER  leave the house with curly hair.  You probably have never seen my curly hair or even know I have natural curls. Brett, however, loves my hair curly.

I look at myself in the mirror asking myself if I really am going to go through with it.
Once, twice, three times I go back to the mirror to consult it as I hesitantly move closer to the front door.

Speaking to myself now, I say,"Girl, just do it.  Nobody knows you here."

Fine, out I go to the store -  no issues. Great.  Get to the till.

'I have to tell you, I love your hair" says the nice young man checking out my groceries.  
"Thank you" I say with a smile while inside, I hear EGHHHHHHRRRR.
"Did my husband pay you to say that?" I ask him laughing.  
"No, he didn't.  I just thought it looked really good.  But, don't tell him I did  though…."

I know there is a group of you out there that prefer my hair in its natural state.  
This one's for you.

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