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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Acclimatize, Accustom or Customize? - Day 18

Early one morning as we pulled ourselves out of be I found myself saying,  "I think the heater is working today.  It doesn't feel so cold ".
Brett just laughed and said, " Nope it's not working.  You are just getting acclimatized."   
Yikes  -  who wants to travel all the way to sunny California,  to wake up acclimatized to being cold????  Not my idea of living the dream…..

The truth is  -   it is cold and humid  -  and we have not been able to figure out how to work the furnace the way we want.  Every morning after I drop off Brett, I come home and tackle the thermometer.  I cajole, fondle and beg until my efforts are rewarded.  I never really know what did it and for the life of me cannot reproduce it at night (neither can Brett, by the way).  This has been an ongoing battle.  When the heat is on - all is mostly good :)

 Do not be fooled by the 74 degrees.  It lies.

I guess the jumbo space heater in the living room could have been a red flag????


One day later,  in my descent from the top of the mountain where Brett does his research, as I am winding my way around the curves above the lovely views,  I suddenly understand why people would live all the way up here and navigate these roads all the time.  At least on this mountain they have two way lanes -- so basically a real road with double yellow lines in the middle.  (This my friends has become a luxury in my life now).

Now up my one lane wobbly, crooked full of cracks and holes one lane road (with parking, pedestrians and bikers on it as well).  A thought is floating around the car.    "It's not that bad".  
What kind of a thought is that?  Totally shocked.  How fickle are you?  Only a few days of going up and down and you can be swayed this easily.  Was not prepared for this one either.
So what is really going on…..


I guess the brain can work that way.  It can modify body temperature to make mornings more pleasant.  It can make the road seem poetic  (thanks mainly to my amazing Volvo -  with seat warmers and really good traction).  It took me one week to customize my surroundings and make the environment work  even though it was a really good deal,  it just needed a few adjustment.  :)

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