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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I want a tutorial - Day 17

Lazy Saturday on the program today.

Leaving our place for early morning grocery shopping.  The only time time things are peaceful.... 

 the streets are deserted at 9 AM on Saturdays :)

Later in the afternoon we strolled down the hill and made our way downtown to check things out.

Outdoor sellers on the street.


Finally back at the condo I am ready for my lesson:

I'm tired of being clueless about computers.  I feel left behind and all of it my doing.  My blessing is that I am married to a computer god so I never needed to know.

Today I asked him to take me from the beginning.  What is actually my computer, what are the wires and what is wifi?

We went through basics with words like hard drive, discs, fire wire etc. 

Now I want to understand the internet.

Brett:  What do you know about the internet?
Marie:  Well, it's abstract, it's everywhere and it knows everything. .  Like God.

Brett shaking his head.  Ughhhhhh

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