Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Less is fine - Day 20

Question:  What do we really need in a space to live?

It looks like this for me:  

My love

 A good bed

 A full kitchen

  Cozy sitting area

 A desk for working

 Beautiful windows with a great view and lots of light.

  Washer / Dryer and dishwasher. A good size closet. That's it really!

It's so easy to get caught up in space and having enough to put all the "stuff" we have.  I have to be honest, I love the simplicity of condo living.  In this case the place is much smaller than our home.  Yet, I find this quality charming. Everything is within reach. There is a togetherness  created which engenders an intimate and relaxing home. 

This experience really helps us make our transition as we decide where to move next.  We want a condo!  

Note to self:  when choosing a condo make sure you pick the one on top floor and not the one under it.

We have settled in very nicely here.  Were it not for the crappy road and living hanging off the side of the mountain

( just saying, I like my feet touching the ground ),  this would be amazing.

We will really miss this place when we move into our cozy cottage in 10 days.  Glad we are here.

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