Friday, September 14, 2012

Foggy enough for you?? - Day 9

Every morning we wake up to fog.  Sometimes it clears up and sometimes that's what you get.  I remember being in Monterey and Carmel a few years back and they had fog.  But, we were ON the water.  

Today I realized my new best friends are the washing machine and dryer.  It is a stacked one and much smaller than I am used to.  So, the solution is many small batches.  Plus no hanging device, as you may remember from day one.....So, I have to get creative and keeps a girl busy!

These hanging clothes are actually drying.  

We went for a walk tonight in a different direction.  Thankfully :)

A direction I much prefer.  The sidewalks were more even, the streets wider and more organized.  I really enjoyed Downtown Berkeley.  

As we escalated our way back up to the Hills where we live, these are some of the views we saw.

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